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Welcome to My blog

An Inquiry teacher sharing simple ideas and experiences!

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Collective Teacher Impact

Every Teacher's



 If you enjoy reading books on education...

If you spend your own money on buying books on teaching...

If you enjoy talking about pedagogy even during happy hour, then this is a blog for you!


The purpose of my blog is to create a place for teachers for quick research-based reads on different topics. 

I hope you enjoy surfing through my blog. Kindly leave a comment for any feedback in the comments section.

Student Agency

I am very passionate about student agency and I believe that students in primary schools should be empowered to be owners of their learning. They should have a voice and choice about what, why and how of learning. 

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"Those teachers who are students of their own impact are the teachers who are the most influential in raising students' achievement.”

John Hattie

Teacher and Pupil

Collective Teacher Impact 

As a leader of a team, I believe as a team we can impact all students' outcomes, alone we not be able to make a difference.  I will be sharing some strategies that helped my team to make learning visible in all the classrooms.



Teachers deal with lots of dilemmas and questions. Me too! I have tried to raise some of these questions here and tried to share some of the things that worked well in my classroom. I am not an expert on any topic but I can suggest some of the success lies in trying new things and relearning new methods to grow as teachers.

Every Teacher's Dilemmas
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